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The Study Area

The Diomedea Study Area conducts economic research and market surveys, collecting, processing and analysing statistical data and qualitative information.

We study the economics of sectors and businesses as well as factors that affect the relationships and behaviour of economic players on a local, national and international level.
These services are a key instrument for businesses that need information and market analyses to support their production and commercial strategies, and for institutions that need specific economic monitoring of a sector or market.

All Diomedea research is conducted with great scientific accuracy and is circulated using effective language and instruments. Regardless of whether the contents limited to in-house use by businesses or disclosed to the press, we make sure that the main results can be easily be utilised by the customer. Diomedea is one of the few research firms with its own in-house press office.
We can target our economic analyses for promotional purposes, exploiting them as part of corporate marketing projects; for each study we envisage several levels of circulation through different instruments addressing the different players.

We also provide economic press-office services, plan and oversee conventions on economics, study product and brand positioning, analyse the competition and identity and compare the competition’s communication and marketing strategies.


The Diomedea Study Area handles different types of surveys, adopting the instruments and methods that best apply to the objectives of the investigation.
Regardless of the objectives of the Diomedea research, through our network of experts we offer know-how alongside the ability to make the main results of the survey comprehensible and then communicate them.

Economic sector surveys

The economy is increasing characterised by sector integrations, technological exchanges, and markets and consumers that overlap.
We provide instruments to learn about new markets, and define new niches and segments, not only to support institutions that want more detailed knowledge about the companies that are represented but also to back companies that want to take on new business challenges or learn more about their reference market.

Market surveys for positioning

Defining one’s position is essential in order to understand which production and commercial strategy must be adopted and verify if the market has perceived these strategic decisions.
We analyse the market and the competition through qualitative surveys of primary and secondary sources as well as direct surveys through questionnaires and/or structured or semi-structured interviews.
Nevertheless, our input does not end with the research phase: through our network we can support the company with the search for production or distribution partners, and a market development plan that also includes marketing and communication activities.

Customer satisfaction surveys

The customer is the prime asset of any company and increasingly also of public and private institutions. Understanding how one’s customers perceive the company is thus a key element for identifying which objectives have been achieved and where there is room for improvement.
At Diomedea, we also use these surveys to define an appropriate policy for outside communication so that the corporate/institutional values will be perceived correctly. However, we also work on in-house communication to ensure that the corporate/institutional structure will be involved in pursuing specific objectives.

Surveys on organisations

While understanding the market and grasping the strategies to be adopted in order to tackle it better are fundamental aspects, they are not enough. It is essential to define a business model, not only in relations with the outside (suppliers and customers) but also with the inside (process organisation and management).
We are familiar with the organisations of companies, trade fairs and associations from the inside, not only because Diomedea has provided strategic and communication consultancy, but also because we have analysed organisational models in many sectors.
We analyse organisational check-ups for companies, corporate groups and institutions, conducted with specific commercial or production targets in mind, offering our support to identify any obstacles to the pursuit of objectives and the best practices to be adopted. The Diomedea approach is not about coming up with easy solutions but providing businesses with the tools they need to promote and manage change.

Scenario and communication surveys

What are the most important recent economic events in a specific sector? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a given industrial policy provision? What is the state of the art of a technological evolution and its impact on the market? Finding the answers to these questions can often be difficult, because no systematic information may be available or the data on hand caters to experts and technical people.
Through our network of professionals and our expertise in the area of communication, we are able to process complex information, identify the critical and most controversial points, and develop them to cater to a specific usership.
This type of survey is effective above all as material to aid the communication of a specific corporate strategy in the production or technological fields, support conventions by providing the invited speakers with discussion material, and back decisions when the overall vision of a scenario is essential to place a problem in the proper perspective.


In every situation, we at Diomedea use the most appropriate method to guarantee that the research objectives are reached.
These decisions are always made together with the customer and according to the budget that is available.
We can work through desk surveys, thanks to our experience in the research area and our access to the main databanks of national and international statistical institutes in macroeconomic, microeconomic and sector areas.

The Study Area also works through quantitative field studies (using the CATI and CAWI techniques, personal or telephone interviews) as well as qualitative studies (through semi-structured interviews, pure qualitative interviews, focus groups and mystery clients).
The data obtained from various sources are analysed using the most suitable methods (e.g. cluster analysis, SWOT analysis) and procedures that have been consolidated through years of experience.


In this areait is possible to download the synthesis of: the researches, the editorials, the communication surveys, and some statistics data made by the Diomedea Study Area.
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