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General contacts

Diomedea s.r.l.
Via Biondelli, 9 20141 Milano - Italy

Tel +39 02 89546251
Fax +39 02 8466743

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I’ve read all the information given about the treatment of personal data, as per the art. 13 of the D.Lgs 196/2003 (Italian Law) through the Privacy & Policy statement. I agree in giving you the license of treating my personal data for the indicated purposes.

Privacy Regulations

The protection of the safety and privacy of your personal data is important to Diomedea s.r.l., who act in conformity with the laws presently in force about the protection and safety of the personal data.
We trust that the below indicated regulations can help you to understand the kind of details that Diomedea s.r.l. usually collect, how they use and keep them and who they share them with.

Personal data

Diomedea s.r.l. do not collect any of your personal details (i.e. name, address, telephone, e-mail address) through your visit to their website, unless you agree to supply them (i.e. through registration to the website, to the newsletter, etc.). Any consent can be revoked at any moment. You will have the ability to exercise the rights foreseen by law 675/96, in particular you will have the right to withdraw from the registration at any moment and with no penalty clause.

Aim of the data processing

Following the regulation of law no. 196 of 30 June 2003, concerning the “Code for the protection of personal data”, we indicate the aims and the processing conditions of the personal data if you decide to supply them to Diomedea s.r.l..
According to art. no. 11 of the above law, such data will be object of data processing, as indicated by art. 4, comma 1, point (a) of the law, with the following aims:
a) fulfilment of civil, fiscal and accounting regulation, accomplishment of possible agreement obligations, support and technical information about the products and services which are object of the relationship;
b) verification of the users’ satisfaction, market analysis and statistics;
c) information about future commercial activities and introduction of new products, services and offers from Diomedea s.r.l. and not from other companies; Diomedea s.r.l. declines any responibility if these third parties send information material or spam through e-mail;
d) promotional and advertising activities on the market;
e) possible economical and financial analysis and evaluations.
In any case, Diomedea s.r.l. will not collect any “sensitive” data relating to art. 62 of Law 196 of 30 June 2003.
The holder of the personal data is Diomedea s.r.l. at Via Biondelli, 9 - 20141 Milano - ITALY.

"Cookie" - Information Automatically Saved About Your Computer

When you visit our website, we might save some data about your computer under “cookies”, in order to automatically recognise your computer at your next visit. Cookies can be helpful in different ways, for example allowing us to modify a website, so that it can meet your requirements, or to save your password and avoid you having to repeat the procedure each time. If you do not want to receive cookies, you have to configure your internet browser in order to delete every cookie on the computer's hard disk, or to block them or warn you every time that a cookie is saved.


To protect your personal data against destruction, loss or improper or accidental alteration and against the access and divulgation by non-authorised people, Diomedea s.r.l. have foreseen safety measures of a technical and organisational nature, preventing non-authorised parties from accessing any data collected through the site.

Questions and Comments

Diomedea s.r.l. undertakes to answer any question you may have about privacy and to do so in the shortest time possible in order to guarantee the clarity of their commercial aims. They also undertake to supply the users, through their means of communication, with detailed information in case of changes on the privacy text, caused by modifications of commercial strategies or of the laws presently in force. For more information you can therefore contact us using the addresses you find in the contacts section.

In acknowledgement of the above information, I agree to communication and processing of my personal data, as in the above indications.

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