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Consultancy Area

We assimilate the philosophy of our individual customers, constantly monitoring their needs in relation to the social and economic environment, and we circulate thoughts and ideas within the framework of an integrated communication strategy that is consistent with the expected results.

Our experience thus allows us to offer consultancy services that go beyond ordinary communication and research.
At Diomedea we flexibly organise a strategic plan that meets the customer’s requirements, a plan that caters to needs revolving around knowledge, communication and marketing. In other words, we use our communicative ability to convey the capacity to grasp needs and thus communicate more effectively.

This means that we make the most of what the customer represents today and provide instruments to change.

The Idea Factory

At Diomedea we take a positive and proactive approach, creating communication opportunities even outside officially defined moments in order to offer our customers new opportunities for visibility.

Specifically, we are open to current trends, grasping them so that we can transform them into communication opportunities: in short, Diomedea is an idea factory.

“Customised” Communication

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to “guide” our customers towards a communication project that will help them to optimise their distinctive corporate aspects, focusing on all of the most appealing innovations that have marked their work throughout the year and can play a significant role in communication.

Based on these elements, we study and implement a “customised” project that caters to the customer’s specific needs in order to communicate the organisation, association, business, brands and products in relation to the framework of reference, the selected target and the expected results.

The integrated project

Communication cannot merely be an appendage: it cannot be the last of a series of elements comprising a strategy. This is why the communication process is successful only if those who manage it have integrated expertise, and can understand and offer advice not only in terms of media communication, but also in the areas of promotion, marketing and strategic consultancy.

At Diomedea, not only are we able to communicate with the media, but we also offer an integrated approach that covers all communication with the outside (customers, suppliers, etc.) and with internal stakeholders (employees, management, agents and sales structures, etc.).
This integrated approach is also designed to enhance the sensitivity and attention of the internal structure with respect to communication in managing ordinary operations as well as crisis situations, extraordinary events and moments of discontinuity in the history of the company.


We bring visibility to entire territories by promoting their unique features, culture and socioeconomic activities, underscoring their excellencies and know-how.
In order to do this, we develop communication strategies designed to achieve territorial marketing plans that emphasise “localness” through an overall vision of its true potential.

Based on these premises, we develop specific projects designed to spread the culture of a territory by focusing on specially planned events or highlighting particular aspects that can be promoted and communicated.

Building and Communicating Value

Transmitting the intangible significance of an idea, value or philosophy underlying a project, thus bringing the immaterial to life, represents one of the central elements of the Diomedea communication activity, which develops specific strategies that can spread the culture of the principles that the customer wants to convey.

Marketing projects

Knowing the opinions of customers and identifying the pluses and minuses of their strategy in the minds of their stakeholders is the first step to identifying opportunities to develop and improve the services or products being offered.

We collaborate with our customers to analyse market perception and come up with a strategy for the overall improvement of the service or product being offered. Studies, reports on results, strategic reports, and the management of any communicational and promotional initiatives represent the four phases of the kind of integrated project that we offer our customers.

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