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Communications Area

At Diomedea we build projects tailored to meet the communication needs of individual customers. Through our press-office activity, the communications area is involved in getting customers – both institutions and companies – accredited with the Italian and international media in order to give their ideas and products greater visibility.
Diomedea develops services oriented towards corporate, institutional and product communication, creating customised and targeted communication projects based on the needs specifically indicated by the customer.

We rely on three basic instruments:

  • in-depth knowledge of the world of media
  • an extensive mailing list organised by subject and field of action
  • outstanding experience in drafting press releases, in order to provide brief but accurate information written in a journalistic style

For institutions, we conduct communication activities designed to affirm the role and value of the system they represent.

For businesses, we offer instruments that are designed to promote a product, company philosophy and strategic positioning.

Corporate communications

Company innovations are an excellent communication opportunity that must be exploited promptly through targeted actions.

By monitoring the features planned by various periodicals, at Diomedea we know exactly when to act, proposing the company as a significant case in reference to a specific topic and suggesting the businessperson representing it as a voice that can provide an authoritative opinion.
Diomedea is constantly in touch with the media, informing the press about the company’s set of values and mission, and presenting the businessperson or management as reliable contacts.

Through the planning and promotion of meetings and personal exclusive interviews, the businessperson thus becomes the point of reference for the media for comments and qualitative analyses, the authoritative source for suggesting possible strategies for the sector, in order to illustrate and interpret the market’s stylistic, production and economic trends.

Institutional Communications

Territorial associations, industrial confederations, and public and private institutions: these are the main targets of Diomedea’s institutional communication activities and consultancy, constantly promoting the value of the sector, political-institutional representation, services and opportunities offered to stakeholders.
We provide institutions with the
entire chain of economic and institutional communications, from the production of statistical data to the communication of the economic system of the reference sector.
At Diomedea, we understand the principles of communication, and can grasp and recap complex information: our firm has excellent analytical capacities and
is able to use economic analysis to support communication messages.

The Diomedea communications area also
specialises in communication for trade fairs, boasting extensive experience with the main exhibitions in Italy.
After analysing the specific aspects of the individual sectors, we develop targeted projects based on the needs expressed by the organisational offices, in order to lend visibility to trade-fair complexes and brands, and promote events and their role in the economic system.

Products Communications

The product represents the most visible and changeable element, the showcase through which a company expresses its dynamism and measures itself against the market.
Thanks to our longstanding experience,
Diomedea can fully exploit the launch of a new product as a strategic moment in communication, turning it into an opportunity to bring visibility not only to the product, but also the company and brand. Through our ongoing contact with periodicals, we pinpoint opportunities in which the communication of a product or brand can effectively fit into a specific context.
Our ability to grasp the mood of the moment, interpret trends and tap into reality allows us to galvanise the attention of the media in an active and positive way.
In this communication mechanism, the product thus becomes the tangible and visible representation of the company and its distinctive set of values.

Customers can also ask Diomedea to integrate communication activities with advertising planning, particularly for the launch of a new product or collection.

Crisis Communication

Not everything can be foreseen, but everything can be managed. When companies or institutions must deal with critical events or manage complex situations on which their very future and activities may depend, effectively managing communications – towards both the inside and outside – is fundamental.
At Diomedea we have gained extensive experience in managing crisis communication, guaranteeing rapid intervention and the confidentiality of critical information, and minimising the risk of a negative impact on the customer’s image and communications.
We liaise with the company management or the heads of institutions, coordinating the various phases of communication, managing procedures and contents for communicating with internal stakeholders (employees and shareholders), external ones (customers and suppliers) and the media on both a local and national/international level. Our firm also has experience in managing crisis communications for local communities on a municipal and provincial level.

Our instruments

Diomedea’s communications area has developed an array of specialised and customised services catering to the customer’s needs and requests, relying on instruments that range from managing press-office activities, also for trade fairs and shows, to organising image events and conventions. We also step in to create a coordinated image, and plan and implement websites and publishing products to enhance the communications strategy defined with the customer.

Press office

  • Management of contacts with Italian and international media: we maintain constant and personal contact with journalists, responding not only to media requests but also actively proposing in-depth looks at specific issues and products.
  • Mailing list selection and management: we manage a mailing list of approximately 8000 Italian and foreign journalists, classified by sector.
  • Drafting of press releases: : by issuing numerous press releases, we provide concise news written in a journalistic style, allowing the press to pass on the information or take a more detailed look.
  • Circulation of press releases: for each press release, we select a mailing list of recipients effectively interested in the information.
  • Planning and preparation of press packets: when dealing with complex issues and during events, we prepare detailed material assembled in a press packet.
  • Planning of interviews and speeches: Diomedea plans and promotes personal and exclusive speeches and interviews.
  • Preparation of press reviews:: we pay close attention to preparing press reviews, not only in the monitoring phase, but also in drawing up an annotated index to make the press review easy to consult. Our firm has also developed a specific instrument to analyse the press review, assessing the advertising value of published information and providing statistics.

Press office for trade fairs

Managing a press office during a trade fair means organising an efficient and decentralised structure. At Diomedea, we can deal with a wide range of needs:
  • electing and coordinating hostesses, interpreters and service staff
  • organising the layout of the space allocated to the press office
  • selecting a mailing list for invitations and coordinating the invitation process
  • Recalling
  • managing the welcome and accreditation of guests
  • managing media contacts

Press conferences, events and exhibitions

Working directly or in collaboration with the customer’s in-house office, we organise press conferences to which journalists and, in some cases, opinion leader from the sector of reference are invited. Diomedea can provide consulting services or organise image events (exhibitions, inaugurations, corporate anniversary celebrations), handling the various concept phases:
  • event planning
  • management of the office of the advisory committee (for exhibitions and cultural events)
  • management of the administrative office
  • the search for sponsors
  • coordinated image

Conventions e congresses

We organise complex scientific events, offering our customers support for the most effective promotional use and the broadest possible circulation of contents. At Diomedea, we can handle all phases of organisation and implementation:
  • event planning

  • coordinating technical/organisational aspects (location, catering, set-up)

  • managing the office of the advisory committee

  • selecting speakers and the moderator, and managing contacts

  • providing any necessary multimedia supports and using advanced instruments to interact with guests

  • managing the administrative office

  • selecting the mailing list, sending invitations and managing accreditation

  • handling relations with guests and the press

  • selecting and coordinating hostesses, interpreters and service staff

  • managing the welcome and accreditation of guests

  • managing relations with suppliers

  • seeking patronage and sponsors

  • handling a coordinated image

  • developing a media plan

Coordinated image

Since we work with a group of professionals, at Diomedea we can offer customers innovative solutions for their image, from brand restyling to the creation of visual merchandising projects to coordinate the image with communication contents.

Publishing activities

Publications represent an important tool for supporting a specific image and permitting the rapid and extensive circulation of messages.
We coordinate publishing activities, adapting the project to the overall communication strategy:
  • managing website updates and writing texts
  • handling corporate and institutional brochures
  • defining a coordinated corporate or institutional image
  • handling advertising campaigns
  • drafting news articles

Italian and international media planning

At Diomedea, we support customers by planning advertising with the most effective media, defining strategic advertising objectives in order to make the production, brand and company known, in keeping with the corporate image and mission. We also boost the profitability of ads by combining promotional planning with press-office activities.

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