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At Diomedea, we listen to our customers’ needs and turn them into communication opportunities. Our distinctive ability is expressed through the comprehensive services we offer, embracing the entire world of communication with corporate communication projects, press-office activities, the organisation of in-house communications, promotion, the organisation of events and media planning, with extensive mailing lists arranged by subject and field of action. Go to the section
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We offer our customers decade-long experience so that, with them, we can build a communication project to generate the specific visibility of their vision, their product and a different positioning. We offer them our research expertise so that they can better understand the reference scenario and the changes that are underway. At Diomedea, we valorise the customer today and become an instrument of change for tomorrow. Go to the section
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We analyse sectors, businesses and markets to guarantee key decision-making information. Our analyses can be used as promotional and communication instruments. We plan economic press-office services and conventions on economics. Furthermore, we study product and brand positioning, analyse the competition, identity and compare the competition’s communication and marketing strategies, and conduct company check-ups. Go to the section
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